In 2005, I helped guide a trip to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. I started my trip first, with a week in Denali National Park. Denali is such an amazing place and one that I try to get to every year. I have been coming to Denali for several years now and this year it worked out that with the bear trip I could see Denali in September. We hit the park at the peak of the fall colors on the Tundra. This sub arctic ecosystem is so amazing and with the tundra bursting with color; it was an awesome site to witness. The weather for the most part was good, not great, but good. Mount McKinley was not 100 percent visible and I would have liked a little better weather, but I am very thankful for the weather, as it can get very nasty in Denali.

From the pictures you can tell we had a great time. We spent a few days on caribou and then started searching for the moose. We had an opportunity with a grizzly and I hoped for a chance to see the elusive wolves. Well, no luck with the wolves but there is always next year!

After spending 6 days in Denali it was time to head back to Anchorage and get ready for our bear group.
I will be heading back to Denali this year and will be helping Mark Garbutt, a friend and fellow photographer, with his workshop in the park. I will also be helping Roy Toft again with the Alaska Bear Workshop. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these trips.